Chanel Holiday for my upcoming trip! This is a true orange deep enough to not pass as fluorescent or coral

Section Commanders Hurrah! Congrats @dillonvaneerree (at Singapore Civil Defence Academy)

Pink Stuff: #karenwalker sunnies, #littletwinstars amulet, #mylittlepony, #dhc collagen drink, #hellokitty ichigo pretz, #ysl arty rings in silver and rose gold, #timex, cherry blossom #polaroid

HIKIN AFTER FEASTIN (at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve)

Missin Japan but happy to be back to this face !!!

Morning jaunt at Osaka castle, Glico man style (at Osaka Castle)

FUGU (puffer fish or globe fish) set in Osaka… It wasn’t as life harrowing an experience as they made out on Discovery channel 🐡🐡🐡 (at づぼらや 道頓堀店)

Sprawling manicured lawns and tranquil ponds w pine tree islands (at Korakuen Garden ,Okayama ,Japan)

Weeping blossoms at the Okayama Korakuen… Awesome garden famed to be among Japan’s top 3 (at 吾妻寿司)

Excellent sushi lunch at Okayama station (at 吾妻寿司)